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"We are marching in a compact group along a precipitous and difficult path."

The workers await the call to strike and take to the streets. Guide the masses to city hall, seize the government buildings, and take power into your hands! Picket Puzzle challenges you to find optimal routes, deal with police blockades, and win the army over to your side. See if you can beat all 47 levels, set in rebellious cities all over the world.

Once you've started on the road of revolution, there's no turning back!

Works on Windows 10, 7 and Mac OS X. For best results, run directly from the Itch.IO app. 

This game is inspired by Death Drives A Bus: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1400210/Death_Drives_A_Bus/


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Version 4
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Version 5

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Best Puzzle Pixel game in The World


Really fun puzzle game! The graphics and music fit really well together, and each time a new mechanics is added, it is fully explained so it makes sense. This is a well polished game that makes me feel like I am playing NES again. Great job! I also really enjoyed that you are traveling around the globe, so you see a lot of interesting places. My only recommendation is to add a description when you lose because you will inevitable run out of moves. I was confused a few times when I just suddenly lost, but it was because I would have run out of moves if I ran all the way through the level. Overall though, this is super fun. Would love to see it make its way to a mobile platform with a bunch more levels.

Thank you! Very helpful feedback!

I thought this game was very clever and I liked it a lot. I also enjoyed the clear simple graphics and sfx. I think some of the levels are impossible to get three stars: level 8, 20,  34, 36 and 46.

Thank you! You are right about at least some of those levels, although I just tried and got 3 stars on 20 :). I made some last-minute level changes which I didn't remember to adjust the stars for, thanks. If you get a minute, would you be willing to give this game a rating? Have a great day!

In case you get confused, here are the controls and rules:
Arrow Keys - Move
Space - Select
R - Restart Level
Esc - Back

The goal is to march to every green government building on each level, and occupy them all. This means you need to add workers to your march by interacting with each factory (just step towards the factory when next to it). But when you have more than one worker marching, you can no longer turn around, so you have to find a route that allows you to reach every factory and government building without backtracking.

Police: A line of police can be pushed, if your line of workers is at least as long as the line of police. Or when possible, find another angle that allows you to push just one at a time.  

Soldiers: Soldiers can be converted into workers. If each soldier in a group is adjacent (horizontal or vertical) to a worker, interact with any of the soldiers to convert the whole group. You can't convert part of a group.

Cell Tower: Occupy a Cell Tower to briefly take control of all the enemy units (police, soldiers) and take a single step with each of them. This is crucial for beating some puzzles!

You have a limited number of steps per level. If you beat the level within that limit, you'll get 3, 2, or 1 stars based on how efficient you were. You can lose a level if you take too many steps, or if you use up all your workers without occupying every government building.